Painting for Profit – How to make money as an Independent Artist


You love to paint or draw. Maybe you are a sculptor. There are many art forms out there from music to masterpieces. What ever you are into, it is possible to earn money doing it. This may sound far-fetched and you may believe you are not good enough to become famous and earn money for your craft. YOU ARE WRONG. Keep reading and I will Lay out how to make money as an independent artist.

You Don’t Need to Be Famous

Get the idea about being the best in the world out of your mind. You don’t need to be the best. First off, art is subjective, there is no best. What one person sees as beautiful and breath taking another might see as drab and boring. If you are looking to sell your art directly then it is worth what ever someone is willing to pay for it.

So, stop thinking you are not good enough. You are. And because the world has changed so much with technology you are now able to reach a greater audience with your work.  The internet has made the world a much smaller place.   However, you don’t actually have to sell paintings to make money. There are other ways to get paid as an artist.


The obvious money maker is right in our faces. Sell your art directly. Many people are willing to pay for something they think is beautiful. Okay, I will be honest, this is probably the hardest way to make money as an artist.

How is it done? In short, paint what you want, get it seen by many people and hope they like it enough to buy it.

This is a very reasonable way to become a very popular and well-known artist. It does take more work though. You will need to network and get into the right circles. You may have to pay to have your work showcased in a gallery. You will need get yourself out there. Sitting around hoping someone will notice you and your work just isn’t going to cut it.

If this is something you want to pursue there are many resources that go much more in depth as to the steps to take to get your work into galleries. But you need to be honest with yourself. The famous “starving artist” stigmata are a self created. If you are starving as an artist it is because you are lazy, or you are too proud. Contradicting yourself saying you want people to pay you for your work but are not willing to sell out. That is some serious hipster CRAP.


There are lots of places to freelance as an artist if you look.  If you want a full time job, then check out marketing agencies and graphic designers.  Fiver is an okay place to freelance but you won’t make much money there.  Do some digging.  you will find people who need someone to draw or paint for them.

Craigslist and other classified ads are a good place to start.  But if you read on further you might discover that starting a website and potentially your own company is more in line with what you want to do.

If you do contract your artistic ability out to others, make sure you don’t sell yourself short.  Be sure to charge a fair rate for your work.  Remember, if they could do it themselves then they wouldn’t need you.  If you do good work you can justify charging more.


As above the concept is the same but instead of waiting for someone to notice you and showcase your work you can do it on your own. If your site gets popular enough, or even to help make it popular, showcase other artists works and help them sell (for a commission of course).

InternetHaving a website is a wonderful way to get your work out to the masses. Again, it will take some work but anything worth doing takes work. Maybe you are thinking that you are not tech savvy enough to build a website and to hire someone to do it will cost too much. WRONG.

There are technologies out now that let anyone easily build a website. Even if you don’t know anything about computers. I find it hard to believe anyone is completely computer illiterate these days.


Now that you have a website you can write a blog to highlight your work. Share it on social media and get noticed. The thing about the internet these days is attention equals money. Once you get a few followers and traffic starts flowing to your site you can monetize things.SEO BLOG

There are thousands of people writing blogs these days. Why? Because they are trying to get traffic. People write about all sorts of things, and it is very possible to earn money by getting traffic to your site. Why do you think I am writing this? Yes, I want to help people, but money plays a part.

Once you get people to your site you can direct them to affiliate links like Amazon or Walmart or what ever. Once a person links to a site through your link you get a commission on the purchases they make. You can also have ads on the site that pay you every time some clicks on them.

So, by drawing people to your site with your blog, you get to showcase your art (and others art potentially) as well as have opportunities to make commissions through advertising.


You may have noticed that I have some tutorials on my site. This is one of the ways I blog, butHelp teach Art it is also a way of helping people. Oh wait, it also gets my work out into the world. Are you starting to get a picture yet? I write tutorials and articles that people want to read. I make videos that go onto YouTube. These things all put my work out there.

Do you think everyone wants to read how great you and your paintings are? Do you think that if you build a website and post a bunch of pictures it will automatically draw people in? The internet doesn’t work like that. It is driven by people.

By helping other people to do something they wanted to do (painting) you give them value. You give people a reason to come to your site. Once they are there you have many opportunities to monetize yourself and your work.

ArtistThe other way you can teach art is locally to where you live. There is a company that has regular events where local artists can get paid to teach others how to paint. Check out If you chose to do so you could even start your own Paint Night sort of business doing the same thing.

People will pay you to show them how to do the things they want to do but don’t know how. This goes for painting, drawing, music lessons, whatever. My dad teaches people wood working. Find what you are good at and share it with others.


You can use all of these methods together to bring in income with your painting ability. I hope you put it all together as you were reading. If you want to be famous and get your work showcased all over the world, Great! But you must start somewhere. People need to see you and your work.

Creating a website and doing all you can to help other people will allow you to get your work out into the world. The internet is a big place and there are lots of people on it. If you help those people, they will likely help you without even knowing it.Money

People share the things they like through social media and if you can tap into that then your reach can grow exponentially. And hopefully you can make some money doing what you like and helping people at the same time.

Are you interested in starting a website? Would you like to show off your work to the world? Maybe you just want to help teach other people what you know and help them find the same passion. Find out how you can start a website for FREE! Learn how to build your website and attract people to visit it. WEALTHY AFFILIATE is a great place to try things out and the community within is always there to help you along the way.

I hope this was helpful. Please leave a comment below. If you have any questions I would love to get you an answer, just leave me a message below.

Thank for reading,


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  1. Superb article with a lot of useful information. I am sure this article will benefit a lot of people and I will also share gnus with other. Fully loaded with a lot of info:..

  2. This is ever so motivational Jason. Your passion is almost tangible reading this. The arts seem to suffer these days yet the creativity it encompasses is so raw and sorely missed in a world of technology. Leveraging technology to get the arts back out there is a brilliant idea. I must share with my sculptor and composer friends. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Wow, what an interesting concept. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me before that you can create a website to promote your artwork. I appreciate your detailed and helpful tips. Site tutorials are a great idea. Best of luck!

  4. Hi Jason, a very interesting article and many similarities to what I’m to.
    You’re right, there are many opportunities online for creative people and I think knowing where your audience are and what platform they use most can help too.
    That’s great you’re doing tutorials too as you’re inspiring creativity in others too, good job!

  5. This was a wonderful article. You do not have to be the greatest artist in the world to get a start. There are a lot of options out there to begin.

    I do have a question though. I find the blog option quite appealing, but I do have one concern. Writing is terrifying to me. What suggestion could you give to me to overcome that fear? Thank you in advance and I hope you have a great day!

    1. Good question Alex,
      Writing doesn’t need to be hard. Pick your topic and write what is on your mind. Write write write. Once you get some content you can always go back and edit change and add. If you write from your heart and write as though you are talking to someone you will be fine.

    1. I hope he gets some inspiration from this. You don’t have to sit and wait and struggle to get paid as an artist. Only you control your destiny. Be brave and go make something happen.

  6. A fantastic article Thank you my son is a very talented artist and he wants to go to college to learn more but he doesn’t think he will make money. I will have to show him this article and your work to give him inspiration.

    1. He can and should go to college! Tell him he should start something right now, maybe he can use that to pay for college. I don’t think age is a prerequisite for this stuff. Tell him to get on it!

  7. I really appreciate when someone has developed a particular skill and can make it work for them. Your subject being art can obviously have several avenues as you have mentioned and then eventually through the wealthy Affiliate platform by becoming an affiliate in the art niche.There must be thousands of art enthusiasts that will love your site.

  8. Great article! There are so many things you can do to get out there. About exposing your work in galleries, is it possible to get a sponsor to pay for your exhibit or are there any organizations/foundations that support artists work and help them put their work in galleries?
    Further, from all the options you mentioned I believe the easiest way to start is building your website and promote your art with it.
    This was very motivational. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Dira,
      There are ways of being fund for sure, however no one will just do that out of the kindness of their heart. You need to get exposure. There are so many artists out there and they all want the same thing. To be recognized. But you cant just sit around and wait, you have to get out there and hustle. A website is the best way to get your work put into the world and maybe make some money while you are at it. As a beginner or new artist, the most viable way to earn right away would be to teach.

  9. Jason, thank you so much for this article. I appreciate it…priceless.

    I myself is an aspiring artist, well more so get people to see what I can offer.
    You Jason brought people to your website because you offer your expertise
    in painting. You left the door open for those who want to be creative and
    you created this platform for them.

    I thank you so much for giving me a sense of direction. I cannot tell you how
    timely your /this article dropped into my lap. A gift from God, I would say.

    Sorry to bring my personal beliefs into this meant no harm Jason.

    I need to express my deepest appreciation to you pal!

    I have no idea how the heck you knew I was here yelling for help.

    Hey, I’m not complaining.

    Jason may I ask really how did you know I needed help!???

    Just wondering!

    1. HAHAHA! Thanks Frank!
      I am glad I could help. The whole point of this site is to give people direction and inspire them to paint and be creative in general. If you can figure out how to make money from this or anything else you love I say do it. Thanks for your comments and come back anytime!

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