Need some Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas? Multiple Family Members? Help is Here

This time of year, a lot of people are looking for inexpensive Christmas giftChristmas gift ideas ideas.  Multiple family members can make it a daunting task.  Help is here!  We all want to give something meaningful and from the heart.  I propose the gift of ART!

The Creative One

I believe most of us were artistic at least when we were kids.  I read the comments on this site and do you know what keeps coming up?  “I used to be into art”, “I used to love painting”, “As a kid I was always drawing or painting”.  If you don’t believe me, go read the comments.

CreativityAll people are artistic at some level, at least in my opinion.  Some are into music and singing, others poetry, and some like wood working.  We all like to create!  I am willing to bet that you know at least one (if not more) person that likes to draw or paint.  Chances are you like to as well.

Maybe you or one of your loved ones “used to” be into creating.  I was very much into drawing, painting, an sculpting when I was young.  Just like so many others, I lost it when life and work got in the way.  GOOD NEWS!  I found it, and so can you or who ever.

Painting supplies are extremely cheap, and it does not take much to get started.  I got back into it when my wife bought me some brushes, paint, canvases and an easel.  It was the best gift I got, and it made me happy and excited to start painting.

You can bring a lot of joy to someone by giving them the ability to find who they used to be or who they want to be.

The Sentimental One

I have given a few of my paintings to my mother and to other family members.  I tend to give them to the ones that I know will appreciate them.  People like that would much rather have something that you made than anything bought in the store.Beginner Painting Lessons

I think the best gift a mother can get is one that her kids make for her.  They always seem to love that stuff.  It makes them proud, it makes them cry.  Not in a bad way.  We all want to give our moms that gift that makes her tear up with joy.

A lot of women find sentimental value in something that was created for them.  But men and dads are just as happy to receive these sorts of things as well.  Do you know someone that would love to get a gift that you made for them?

Here is the thing, if you put effort into it, and it is nice, it will be appreciated more than some piece of junk that is all the rage this year.  A painting will likely find its way to the wall where all can see it, and it will continue to be appreciated for a long time.  And not just by the person you gave it to but by anyone who sees it.

But I Don’t Know How to Paint!

Okay, but it is not that hard.  You can follow simple tutorials on this site or on YouTube.  There are classes and even onetime go out and paint and drink evenings.  I promise that has an event near you in the very near future.

Teach yourself.  We never get better at anything without practice.  There are tons of resources out there for you to learn.  Who knows, maybe you might even like it.  I do.  You won’t be the best right away but learn from the mistakes you make and keep trying.

Little kids can be artistic so can you.  You used to be, I am willing to bet on it.  In school, you covered all kinds of subjects.  I imagine that the top two most favourite subjects of most kids in elementary school are gym or physical education and ART.  What kid says, “Oh man! ART! I hate Art!”.  NONE OF THEM.


Child Painting

Kids nowadays have toys and tablets and phones and technology.  Kids get piles and piles of garbage that does nothing to truly broaden their minds.  They live in a throw away world where days upon days can be spent locked inside turning into zombies staring at a TV, Tablet or video game.

Kids need to be challenged, they need to be creative.  They benefit from exploring the outdoors and exploring their feelings.  Sure, you could download a virtual playground and go for a walk in the woods online.  Does that mean you benefit from it?

Wouldn’t a real walk in the forest or a real playground be better?  And yes, you can download painting apps, but the experience is not the same as holding a brush and feeling real paint against the canvas.  Painting, and artistic ventures in general allow children to open their minds and create what ever they can dream up.

Is the Barbie doll, or that Transformer going to remain a part of their life for more than a few months?  Is that video game going to help them grow as people and expand their minds?  Is the creative process really going to be nurtured with another piece of plastic?

Paint sets are not expensive, and they offer far more value than so many other over priced items that are marketed to kids these days.  Of all the things your kids or nieces and nephews will get over the holidays, what will bring real substance to their lives.  Maybe one day they will gift you a gorgeous piece of art as a thank you.

An Inexpensive Christmas Gift

Whether you create art and give it away, or you give the gift of art supplies.  It is inexpensive and truly meaningful.  There is something else that you get when you give such things.  Pride.  When you finish a painting that you feel is worth giving, you will be proud of it.  When a person paints a great piece of art with a few brushes and some paint you gave them, you will be proud of them.Money

Not enough gifts are given from the heart anymore.  We feel we need to buy something that is all the rage, or it needs to cost X amount of money to really be worth something.  The things in life that are truly worth giving are not things that can be bought.

You cannot buy creativity.  You cannot buy self confidence.  You can nurture these things however.

No toaster, coffee maker, T.V. or silly gadget will bring the same smile to your loved one’s face as when they gaze upon the work of art you made for them.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and please share it like it and forward it.  If you have any comments, please leave them below.  I would love to hear your thoughts.  Buy the way below are a few simple art sets that won’t break the bank.

Thank you,



12 Comments on “Need some Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas? Multiple Family Members? Help is Here”

  1. Hi Jason,
    You are right I think something you create your self is a much better gift than something you buy, especially a piece of art. The look on your loved ones faces of amazement when they see what you can create is priceless. When I was a kid my mom would buy me paint sets for kids with the paint, crayons, and markers, and I loved it. I have been drawing, coloring, and painting since. Now two of my kids do the same. This is a great idea for holiday gifts and I am glad you have shared this with us.

    1. Thanks commenting Melissa,
      It is good to hear that you have never given up on being creative. And keep your kids into it as well. the world is a much nicer place when people are creative.

  2. I think that we all have a bit of a creative side to us, but maybe some more than others. It is that time of year where gifts are exchanged with loved ones. It is also that time of year when a huge amount of money is spent on gifts.

    Your article is very timely. Creating something that we put our time and effort into will be so much more meaningful to our loved ones than just simply going out and purchasing a gift.

    You have give some great ideas of how to do this. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Nate,
      I feel that people get too wrapped up in spending and lose track of it really means to give. The best gifts are hand made in my opinion. And the best gifts a child can get are ones that help them grow as human beings.

  3. Good idea to support people making art as presents. Far more personal than something that is bought. And the subject matter that is painted can be personal too, something the person really likes.

  4. There’s still time before Christmas to create and give something meaningful for family and friends. I totally agree, Jason…it’s a gift for both parties, right? Something more special than the latest gadget. So glad you are feeding your spirit. Art is an absolute miracle, isn’t it?

  5. Great ideas Jason, thank you! I must say some of the best gifts I’ve gotten is the ones my kids have created themselves. They put so much heart and soul into creating it. My favorite coffee cup is, from a friend who does pottery…

    Hmm, maybe it’s my turn to get creative!
    Great read thanks!

    1. Thanks Vicky,
      There are lots of creative things for you to do. I focus on painting but pencil drawing, sculpting, or any number of other crafty ideas are good. Thank you for your comments.

  6. This is wonderful! I love creating things as gifts for friends and family, and if you’re careful it can definitely be cost effective (unless you’re knitting something out of cashmere–been there done that!! Watch out! $$$) 😀

    I also like watercolors as an inexpensive and fun activity for my kids to do. Great post!

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