Liquitex Acrylic Paint Sets – Product Review

Liquitex Acrylic Paint

There are a bunch of manufacturers of paint out there. Today I would like to discuss one brand. They are one of the biggest names in acrylic paint. They offer a wide selection of products. Liquitex Acrylic Paint Sets can be found in stores and online. You can purchase individual colors or full sets. The company offers a range of sizes both in tubes and in jars.

Paint Quality

The Liquitex Basics line of paints are a wonderful mix of quality and cost. They provide a dependable result that professionals and beginners can both appreciate. They are thick and creamy with a solid pigment load and finish with a satin matte. They can be mixed with the Liquitex professional paint colors and mediums and they conform to ASTM standards making them appropriate for educational purposes.

The heavy load helps keep peaks and strokes, to create texture, and when watered down are great for “washing” and won’t strip off after the first layer is applied. These paints blend nicely and are good for learning color theory and mixing.

The colors won’t yellow over time because the paint is UV resistant. They can be used on porous materials like wood, cloth, canvas and paper.

Liquitex was one of the first companies to develop water based acrylic paint and they have been doing it since 1955. The commitment to provide artists with quality products at a reasonable price is demonstrated with the Liquitex Basics line.


Liquitex offers several different sets of various sizes. They have sets of 22ml tubes that come with 6, 12, 24, 36 and 48 different colors. There are also sets with larger tubes and full beginner sets complete with brushes, palette knife, paint, palette, canvas board and project book.

Colors can be purchased individually as well as several different mediums to slow the drying time of the paint as well as create different effects. They offer gesso and varnish as well as all the tools you might need. Checkout the full line at


I personally use The Liquitex Basics paints. I find they work well for me and I love the colors. Not only that but the price is what sells me. I can get a near professional quality paint for much less. I think Liquitex has tried very hard to deliver quality that is affordable for everyone.

For a beginner, any one of these sets will let you try different colors and find out what you like or what you use the most of. The tubes in the sets are small enough that you can get a large variety without breaking the bank, but large enough that you don’t run out after one or two paintings.

All said and done I think you will be hard-pressed to find paint of this quality for the price.


I believe that Liquitex put a lot of effort into delivering a product that can be enjoyed by everyone from children to professionals. They managed to do it in a way that allows everyone to afford it. The paints are a dream to work with, and they produce a stunning finished product. If you are new and questioning what paint to buy, I highly recommend the Liquitex Basics line. You won’t be disappointed.

Click on one of the links below to view some of the different sets offered by Liquitex.

I hope this run down has helped you to answer some questions. If you have questions that did not get answered in this post or any of my posts, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Do you use these paints? If so I would love to hear how you feel about them.

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8 Comments on “Liquitex Acrylic Paint Sets – Product Review”

  1. Great post! I have also used Liquitex arcrylics before as well, thinking this was a better way to go when I was just learning, but the quality is good and the price point is excellent, so I’ve now been using them for years (along with other brands). Thanks for the info, very thorough!

    1. Thanks for your comment Tammy! Feel free to come back again. Do you have any art you would like to show off? I would like to start featuring other peoples art on this site besides my own.

  2. I actually want to paint some hardboard panels with acrylics, and I looking for the best ones for me. Here I find this post which is perfect! I don’t know what you are using the acrylics for, but will they work well on hardboards? I like variety, so I like the idea of the 48 different colors! And shoot, from everything I have been looking at, the price for the ones you are recommending is a bargain! Thank you!

  3. Paint is a new media for me, I use a lot of pastels right now.
    Do you find that you run out of specific colors faster than others? Should I be ordering an extra tube of a particular color when I order a kit?
    What is the dry time on this paint? How long can you work with it before it sets up? I am not sure if I asked that correctly but you get the point.
    Great article, its nice to hear from people actually using the product.

    1. Yes I go through certain colors more than others. but everyone will be different. You will likely use a lot of white. I tend to use blue often as well. That is what is good about these sets is you can figure out what you use most of and have a nice variety. Other than white, I would hold off on ordering extra colors at the beginning. Find out what you use first. Dry time is tricky to answer because as you paint there are a few variables. The paint on your palette will stay workable for an hour or two depending how much you globbed on. Paint on the canvas will dry much quicker 10-15 min in some cases. Basically as the paint is exposed to the air it dries. So the thinner it is spread the more surface area it has, and thus dries faster. If you wet the canvas with water or mix some water in the paint you can extend the drying time slightly, or you can purchase slow dry mediums to mix wit the paint to keep them workable for longer. Actually my next post was going to cover slow dry mediums. Feel free to come back and check it out.
      Hope this helped.

  4. Hi I was wondering if I needed the larger sets if I was just beginning? I was thinking that the Liquitex set of 6 would get me started. But then wondered if the sets with the brushes, palette knife, and stuff would actually give better results. What do you think?

    1. The Smaller sets will work just fine.  You really only need the primary colors and then you can mix colors to get the rest of the rainbow.  Some white is useful as well.  So yes the smaller set should get you started.  The “results” you are looking for can be accomplished with a single brush.  See my post Acrylic Painting for Beginners.  

      Thanks for the questions,


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