Beginner Acrylic Painting Lessons – Are they Necessary?

Beginner Painting Lessons

If you want to get into painting but feel you are clueless and don’t know where to begin, you might be considering taking a class.  There are many beginner acrylic painting lessons out there.  There are classes suited to beginners all the way to highly advanced painters with everything in between.  Do you need to take one of these courses?  Let’s have a look at the available options out there first.

Online Painting Classes

There are thousands of online classes out there.  YouTube has tutorials and walk throughs.  There are pay classes and free classes.  Obviously, the quality of these classes will vary dramatically.  If you are looking to take a class online, and especially if you are going to pay someone to take it, do your homework.

The artist or teacher of the course usually posts their name.  Often, they will have links to websites where you can view their art and read up on them.  Google will allow a certain amount of research.  Most serious artists will have their information out in the world, so they can get exposure.  Look at the reviews of the course if they are available.

The downfall of online classes and tutorials is that you don’t get any feed back.  You can’t ask questions or get hands on help.  Which leads me to in person classes.

Painting Lessons in Person

Classes that teach you how to paint in person are a great way to learn.  As with the online courses, do your research.  The difference here is that you have someone there to help you if you have questions.  The teacher can give you feedback on your painting.  They can correct technique and show you tricks to make things easier.  Not that you can’t learn these things online, it’s just that when you have someone readily available that can watch what you are doing greatly improves the teachings.

There are different classes out there ranging from full on university courses to a artist that teaches groups in their spare time.  You will be hard pressed to find anything free though.  I am not saying free isn’t out there but if you want free I suggest looking back to the online stuff.

There is a phenomenon sweeping North America and other places.  It is called PaintNIte.  These are short 2hr classes at local venues.  You pay a fee and show up to the venue on the given day and time.  An artist leads the group through the creation of a painting offering help and direction.  All the supplies are there, and it generally occurs at a bar or restaurant, so you get to have a few drinks if you so choose.  The artists are energetic and make it very enjoyable.  As a beginner, I highly recommend one of these events.

The Verdict?

If you feel you need or want instruction on how to paint, then you now have some insight into what is out there.  Do you need to take a course?  Of course not.  Will it help?  I am confident any instruction you get will be useful to you.

The amount of resources available to you are countless.  If you have some natural talent and just want some tips or tricks, go online, watch some videos.  If you don’t know which end of the brush to hold perhaps a teacher looking over your shoulder might be a tremendous help.  I can’t tell you what you need, but hopefully this helped to point you in the right direction.

Thanks for reading.  If this was helpful, or you have questions or comments I would love to hear from you.  The comment section is below.  Happy painting.


2 Comments on “Beginner Acrylic Painting Lessons – Are they Necessary?”

  1. Very informative blog Jason. Have you found anyone you really like on Youtube that your recommend? I find your writing very inspiring, it is as if I can feel your passion for the arts in your words. Both my daughters are artists, so I am going to share this site. I also really enjoyed looking at your Gallery. Keep up the good work!

    1. I personally don’t use YouTube to learn. I have however been taught in person. The only videos I have learned from are Bob Ross. And if I were to recommend videos to watch his would be the ones. But there are so many. Just look around.
      Thanks for the comments.

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