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Welcome to the site! I hope you enjoy what’s here and get the help you need as well as find some inspiration.

MY STORYJason Golka

I have always enjoyed art. All kinds of art. I enjoy making it as well as admiring it. I found even when I was young I had a natural talent for drawing and sculpting. I truly loved to draw, I did it all the time. I was in art classes in high school, and I created projects on my own time. My whole family seems to have some sort of artistic streak in them. My siblings and I would even create art for our mother to give her on mother’s day, her birthday and even Christmas. She still has several of these pieces on display in her house.

But then something happened. I don’t know how, or why, but I stopped. I didn’t really create anything artistic for several years. I think life just got in the way. I had other things consuming my mind. I would occasionally think about doing something, but then the thought would pass, never to return. I forgot who I was.

In 2016, My life took a dramatic shift, and I began to see what was important to me in life. I had lost so many of the dreams and aspirations that I once had as a young man. I wanted those things back, I wanted to be myself again. One of the things that brought me back was painting.

I was sitting in my living room, unemployed, bored, and depressed. Flipping through NETFLIX for something to fill the time. What did I find? Bob Ross! I had watched Bob as a kid and was always amazed at how easy he made painting seem. How quickly he could turn a canvas into something people wanted to look at. So I began watching. One episode, then another, and another. Soon, I started saying to myself, “I CAN DO THAT”. My wife noticed, and for Christmas she bought me a beginner’s painting set and some canvas. Within days, I had pumped out several paintings, each better than the last. I began to remember how good it felt to create art. Then people started noticing my art and complimenting me on it. THAT FELT EVEN BETTER! THANKS BOB!

Now I paint regular, and use it to relax. Its fun! My wife and I go on dates to paint nights and enjoy it together. I think that everyone is capable of creating something artistic. Remember back to when you were a kid, we all loved it when it was art class in school. I think that is because everyone is creative in some form or another. So go out there and make something! Draw, paint, sculpt, take photos. Write a song, poem, or story. What ever you do, create something your own and don’t forget who you are inside.


I lost site of my passions and dreams for a time. I am sure there are many people like myself. If you want to get back into art, or want to try for the first time, I want to help you. You may not know where to start. You might need advice on what to purchase. Maybe you just want to share something you have created. Let’s do it together! Release your inner artist.



I want to help inspire others to create something and give them the support they need.
If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Jason Golka


4 Comments on “About Jason”

  1. Are you selling your paintings? I have a website that has oil paints for sale. Maybe you’d want to check it out. discount-oil-paintings.com. The artist is James Stewart who is in prison. He gave me several paintings to sell for myself.

    1. I have thought about selling them but at the same time I think I would want more than people are willing to pay. I guess if the right amount of money was offered I would let them go.

  2. I too watched Bob Ross as a kid and took one of his painting classes at a near by community college years ago. I loved it! I wasn’t very good but definitely is relaxing, and learned a lot of techniques. There are many free classes you can take online pretty good ones too, depending on what you like to paint. Very interested in the classes you say are at a restaurant. How fun! Makes me wonder if they are around in my area. Thanks for this website as I believe we all need a creative outlet.

    1. Thanks for the comments Andrea! I am sure that you can find something local to you. Head over to paintnite.com and enter your city, They have events all over north america. I really do have a great time every time I go. It is so much fun, take a date or friends, you won’t be disapointed.

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