72 pcs Deluxe Acrylic Painting set – A Beginner Painting Set Review

72 Pcs Starter Painting set

Now I have mentioned in previous posts that you really only need some basic supplies to get started in acrylic painting.  However, I know that there are many of you out there that will insist on buying a beginner painting set.  Or you are looking to buy a gift for someone and a beginner painting set would make that person so very happy.  Therefore, I submit this review of a combination set that is available on Amazon along with some other options.

Hopefully this will help you avoid buying a bunch of stuff that might end up collecting dust in a closet.

The 72 Piece Deluxe Acrylic Painting Set

Now I will state right off the start that this is a lot of stuff in one package.  More than you need, but the reason I want to review this is because of all that you get for the cost.  I did the math and searched for each specific item and priced them out individually.  You are really getting your money’s worth with this package.  The easels and paint alone make up the total cost of this package.

I found a few sellers for this product and the lowest price I found was $159.05 CDN.

The package offers a wooden easel that doubles as storage for all your painting supplies.  It is well made and reasonably small and portable.  I found when I got into this that my supplies ended up getting stuffed into a plastic bin in between painting sessions.  This helps to organize and store your supplies until you are ready to paint again.

Buying a package like this allows you to aquire a lot of supplies at a lower cost.  The brushes, canvas, palette, color wheel and coil bound painting pad are all cheap to pick up individually.  The wooden easel/storage and the paint are the bigger cost.  So, if you were looking at buying this sort of thing already, why not get all the little stuff with it?

Basically, it is a neat set that allows you to get the basics and then some for less than you pay buying each individually.

Price Break Down

Below is a list of the set as well as the individual components.  Obviously if you dug deep you might find these items cheaper but this is the average that I found between different brands.  I have included similar sets to show a price comparison to this set.

Wooden easel                                                                                                           $70.00 – $80.00

Aluminum easel                                                                                                        $25.00

8”x10” Canvas panels 6 pack                                                                            $22.00

11”x14” stretched Canvas (X2)                                                                       $20.00

Color Wheel                                                                                                                $7.00

24 Acrylic paint colors 12ml each                                                                   $70.00

7 PieceTaklon Hair Brush Set                                                                             $30.00 (for this exact set) $12.00 for similar

12 Piece Nylon Hair Short Blue Handle Oil/Acrylic Brush Set       $12.00

15 Piece Multipurpose Brush Set                                                                    $63.00 (for this exact set) $20.00 for similar

Plastic Palette                                                                                                             $8.00

Total:                                                                                                                                 $276.00

Note: This is the total with comparable brushes for cheaper.  The price with exact same brushes $337.00


Price to buy separate                                                         $276.00 CDN

72 pcs Deluxe Acrylic Painting set                             $159.05 CDN

Similar sets

Artist Quality table easel                                                 $188.46 CDN

Royal and Langnickel set                                                  $124.82 CDN

SoHo Urban Artist 49 pcs                                                $273.86 CDN


After looking at the above list you might wonder why I don’t feature the cheapest.  Well the links are above for you to check them all out yourself.  The reason I like this set is that it has all the tools required. So what? Don’t they all?  Yes, but the specifics are different and variety changes between them as well as price.  What you get for the money you pay is what stands out for me.

There are many more sets other than what I have shown here.  But this set gives you the supplies you need all wrapped up in a beautiful, portable storage unit that doubles as an easel, and there is a second easel with carry case.


Product info

Item Weight: 3.2 Kg

Shipping Weight: 7 Kg

Item model number: KIT-ACR-D70


Features & Specifications:

BLACK PISMO Lightweight Aluminum Field Easel. Good for use on the tablle or floor, comes with a carry bag

– Adjustable Legs

– Made lightweight aluminum

– Spring loaded top latch secures canvases from moving

– Folds down to 22″ for storage into small spaces and for transporting

– Quick an easy height & angle adjustments. Holds canvases up to 32″ high

– Field Easel Size: 30″ Wide x 23″ Deep x 47″ High, (Adjusts to 65″ High)

US Art Supply Solana Adjustable Wood Desk Easel with Drawers

– Portable tabletop storage box that shifts to a painting easel with ease

– The easel adjusts to four incline positions and accommodates canvases up to 11″ x 14″

– Has a drawer with 3 compartments to hold supplies

– The drawer latches securely for travel

Box Easel Size: 13-3/8″Wide x 10-1/4″Deep x2″ High, (Adjusts to 11″High)

US Art Supply Acrylic Paint Tubes 24-Colors 12 ml each

US Art Supply 7 Pcs Taklon hair brush set

US Art Supply 12 pcs nylon hair short handle Oil/Acrylic Brush Set with carrying case

US Art Supply 15 pcs multipurpose brush set

10-Well Plastic Palette

US Art Supply 9″ x 12″ Acrylic Painting Pad

US Art Supply 8″ x 10″ professional quality canvas panels, X6

US Art Supply 11″ x 14″ Professional Quality stretched canvas X2

US Art Supply color mixing wheel

Conclusion and Findings

All around I think you get more bang for your buck.  There are some really nice sets out there and prices vary.  Any of the links here will take you to Amazon to look for yourself.

Have a look here for some smaller starter sets that fit a smaller budget.

Thanks for reading, I hoped this helped.  If you have questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section.  If you know of a better set or kit, I would love to hear about it.  If there are other products you would like to see reviewed, let me know.


4 Comments on “72 pcs Deluxe Acrylic Painting set – A Beginner Painting Set Review”

  1. My sister-in-law has been looking for something like this and a great price range as well. She’s been talking about starting up her painting again. I will be passing this along to her. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. I used to dabble here and there with painting in my earlier years. I still have a desire to take painting up again. Perhaps when I retire (hopefully before age 50) I’ll take it up again. This actually gives me a good idea of all of the requirements, supplies and tools needed to start painting as a hobby

    THanks for sharing



  3. I love the easel with the adjustable legs. It makes painting so much more comfortable when you can move the canvas height. It can be hard to know what you need when you are starting out. Having a rundown on the basics can be helpful! Thanks!

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